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AJ Venter Podcast March 2020

A chat with AJ Venter I’m honoured to be able to call AJ a friend for over a decade now. I had the immense pleasure of knowing this superb rugby player when he was a...

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Chris Thrall Podcast May 2020

A chat with Chris Thrall It was a great pleasure to have such a long chat with a former bootneck, and one with such an interesting life of his own. Also an honour to share...

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Covid-19 Isolation Advice

Sanity Management How to maintain sanity during isolation I have taught the subject of managing imprisonment for many years. My students were mostly people who might find themselves the victims of kidnap situations, where they...

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Finding Susan Part 3

Susan Travers The only woman ever to have served as a French Foreign Legionnaire. Susan soon warmed to the idea of writing a book about her life, in particular revealing her secret love affair with...

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Newsletter Iraq February 2005

The elections in Baghdad passed without the high level of violence everyone was expecting although it did start with a bang for us in our hotel. Previous Next A thousand pound bomb went off across...

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Finding Susan Part 2

Susan Travers The only woman ever to have served in the French Foreign Legion. Susan Travers : 1944 I decided the first step in my search for Susan Travers, to find out if she was...

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Finding Susan Part 1

Susan Travers Forget Beau Geste . . . I was living in Malibu at the time. A small house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I’ve attached a pic. Yeah, be jealous – it was a cool...

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Tomorrow to be brave

Susan Travers The only woman ever to have served in the French Foreign Legion.  The story of how she played the most pivotal role in saving the lives of 3,000 Legionnaires and various other British...

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More action

Here we go – again I’m working on FIA Again I’m going to begin from the day I left the SBS and the phone call that changed my life. I spent over 25 years in...

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