My Autobiography
It was an exciting life being a member of the SBS, often working alongside the SAS and Military Intelligence and units such as the US Navy Seals.
Duncan Falconer


I’m Duncan Falconer. My autobiography, First into Action, a memoir of my days in the Special Boat Services, was the first one written from inside the unit.

The adventures didn’t stop when I left the service. After a short spell as a civilian risk advisor I went to Hollywood and made a living as a screenwriter for 13 years. Craving adventure once more, after 9/11 I returned to the civilian security circuit and spent over a decade taking various News Networks to the world’s most dangerous conflict zones, places such as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and many parts of Africa.

After my autobiography I penned a series of fiction books based on my adventures and the characters I had encountered. I still visit challenging locations. I have a bag full of adventures to write about and a great supply of interesting characters to populate them with, enough to fill several more books.

Books by Duncan Falconer
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