First into Action Again

25 years ago...

FIRST INTO ACTION was the first Special Boat Services memoir written from the inside. It tells how I passed the Royal Marines Commando Course before being recruited into the SBS at Poole in Dorset – the youngest recruit in modern times. FIRST INTO ACTION AGAIN is on its way. The next 30 years. Out September 2024.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of First Into Action, I have finally narrated this memoir of my years in the SBS. From joining up as a teenager, through SBS recruitment, training, and operational detachments, First into Action takes you on my journey through the SBS and the 14th Intelligence Detachment, seen through the lens of my personal story, now told in my own voice.

Audio Version Out Now

This unique, gripping memoir is essential listening for anyone interested in the Special Forces and how they operate. Click on the picture and a link will take you to a site where you can listen to a sample.

First Into Action part 2!

First Into Action Again will be available in print and digital formats. I will also narrate the audio book. I’ll keep this page updated with release dates.

I’ve completed First Into Action Again, my autobiography Part 2. Now the editing process before going to print. The book begins from the day I left the SBS and the phone call that set me on my new path. I never expected to write a second autobiography, or that my life after the SBS would be remotely interesting. But my next thirty years turned out to be even more exciting than the first, on the front line of every major conflict in that time.