The best books that provide a unique insight into military history

At authors are asked to share their favorite books around topics and themes they are passionate about and why they recommend each book…

Why Me?

I must be something of a specialist on the impact of conventional and guerrilla warfare on the civilian population. Truth is, leaving school, I never intended to have anything to do with war beyond the books I enjoyed reading. On leaving the military in my 30’s I employed the only skills I had and managed organisations and mostly news teams operating in conflict zones all over the world.
I matured into a crisis manager, responding and consulting to crisis situations such as kidnap & ransoms, and evacuations from conflict zones. Most of the characters in my books are real, good and bad, taken from the vast theatre of my own experiences.
So when I was asked to recommend ‘The best books that provide a unique insight into military history’ by it didn’t take me long to choose my Top 5.

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