More Action – FIA 2

I’m working on the next volume of my autobiography…

FIA Again

I’m going to begin from the day I left the SBS and the phone call that changed my life.

I spent over 25 years in the most challenging places on the planet, a lot of hostile places. Many of them conflict zones. I had many adventures, met quite a few interesting people and saw some pretty crazy things.

FIA Again isn’t a bad title either because a lot of my work was taking news crews into war zones and we were often the first media on the ground. On one notable occasion we were a bit too keen and arrived just before the soldiers and the fighting actually started. And there will be some hard truths. I think I’ve found a place I can hide to avoid the lawsuits for a few years!

I have finally written an updated version of First Into Action. I have wanted to make corrections for years after errors were brought to my attention by old friends. There’s only one additional short story in the update so probably not worth buying it just for that. I’m just relieved to have fixed those mistakes. 

The new cover

The updated version of my autobiography First Into Action is available to buy here.

I’m pressing on with FIA2. But I have one small problem – I’m still in the field, although rarely these days, but I’m reluctant to complete the book in case something exciting happens before I hang up my guns for good! 

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  1. If you ever decide to update First Into Action again, you might want to know the importation of over a ton of cocaine hydrochloride involving your guys storming Fox Trot Five as she docked at Greenwich on the Thames (p419/420) was Operation Emerge — a three year or so Met Police job. HMC&E knew nothing about it until a few days before the MV docked. (I won’t bore you with why.) Until recently, that remained the UK’s largest seizure of coke. I have memories of spending a night in an OP at the top of one of one of the Dartford Bridge towers with one of your collegues, an RM sergeant, JM. Most of the night was spent laughing and swapping stories.

    1. That story was a subject of discussion with old mates this week, several of whom were involved at various levels, one of them quite high up. Yes it was an interesting episode. Jim I think you refer to was one of them.

      I’ve decided to write FIA part 2 which should be out by the end of the year.

      1. His name was Jess.

        Having grown up in a RN/RM family, I suggested to the gurkhas (as Scotland Yard 5th floor hierarchy are referred) we approach your mob. Of course, they later claimed the idea. Anyway, I look forward to reading part 2.

        Regards . . .


          1. Yes, Jess Merchant.

            Gurkhas – because they don’t take prisoners. Well, you can’t when you’ve hidden yourself away behind a desk at NSY. The Yard is top-heavy with Gurkhas who have little experience of real policing.

            Be safe.

            Duncan Mac

  2. Hi Duncan, When I joined the marines you was all everyone ever talked about lol.
    Read the book years ago, will this be released on audible?

    1. Hi. Sorry for slow reply. If you’re referring to First Into Action it was on audio books but it came out in cassette format all those years ago and I don’t think they updated it.

  3. It was at the bars that Duncan Falconer got to learn more about the Americans habits and cultures as well. While working as a bartender and a screenplay writer, Falconer also penned down his autobiography.

  4. Mr Falconer,
    good to hear that…I was expecting an updated version of FIA (i’ve read it a dozen time, i think). For me it’s without any doubts the BEST ever written book about UKSF.
    But this new book about your life after the service looks also very interesting…
    All the best

    1. Hello Frank. I’m enjoying writing the new FIA, which is a good sign. In many ways, my days as a civilian risk manager was more exciting and busier than when I was in SF. That’s because while in the service I spent a lot of that time doing exercises and waiting for things to happen whereas as a civilian, working mostly in conflict zones, every job had the potential for being high risk, which is why I was there.

  5. Hey Duncan, when do you think it will be out? I’ve read First into Action four times, so very excited to hear this!

    1. Hi Darren. I’m only on chapter 3. Working on it diligently! I’m enjoying it. Hope to have it out by end of year. All the best.

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