The SAS and SBS Chat

Chris Ryan invited me on his ‘Life or Death’ podcast. It was most enjoyable. We discussed how I joined special forces, my time in the SBS, civvy street, and how I made a living scriptwriting in Hollywood. It gets a bit more detailed than that. The link below takes you to the podcast.

Life or Death with Chris Rya‪n

British SAS veteran Chris Ryan talks to people who have worked in some of the most extreme and dangerous conditions. Expect to hear from special forces veterans from around the world, undercover police officers and those who have served on the frontline. You can find out more about Chris Ryan on his website

6 thoughts on “The SAS and SBS Chat”

  1. Great stuff. Yea he’s a good bloke loves his Judo
    Incidentally First into Action , excellent.
    Thanks fir the reply
    All the best?

  2. By and chance do you know when the next Life and Death podcast will be?
    The most recent was Sept 2021 and usually there isn’t such a long gap between.
    Many thanks,
    (Duncan. By any chance do you know Martin D. Former 45 Cmd and SB. He’s in Australia now. We’re both from Manchester and used to wrestle at same club. I live in US now and he came over here and we trained together prior to him competing in the ‘88 Seoul Olympics)

    1. I don’t know anything about the Life and Death podcasts.
      But I do know Martin very well. We still communicate. In fact we exchanged emails last week. He is still in Australia, doing well. Marty and I used to do judo together – he used to drag me around to competitions, mostly to enjoy seeing me get beaten up! We had a lot of fun.

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