A Chat With Eoin Walker on his Restore Podcast

Navigating Conflict

I was invited to do a podcast with Eoin Walker under his ‘Navigating Conflict’ banner. It was an interesting discussion that brought up some topics I’ve not covered in previous podcasts.

Amongst other subjects I talked about driving into a checkpoint in the Liberian jungle during the war that was manned by children who were high on drugs and booze. They all carried AK47 assault rifles or pistols and I discuss and advise how to get out of such situations alive. Well, it worked for me.

Click to listen to Eoin Walker’s Restore Podcast with me, which he has kindly let me share with you!

Restorative conversations with real people.

Podcast: Restore with Eoin Walker

In a notification draining world we rarely have conversations that give back to us.

The Restore With Eoin Walker podcast has been designed to put inspirational characters on a platform to give you restorative perspectives on thriving in adversity, Mental Health, Physical and nutritional health, Mindsets and balance

You can listen to all of Eoin’s Restore podcasts here

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