First into Action AGAIN

paperback release September 2024

Image of Book Jacket Cover for Duncan Falconer's second autobiography 'First Into Action Again'
  • An action-packed memoir featuring real life experiences from the most dangerous places on earth
  • Gripping and detailed memoir perfect for anyone interested in the Special Forces
  • Author of 10 novels based on his experiences, this is a follow-up to Falconer’s first best-selling autobiography First Into Action

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First Into Action Again is a sequel to Falconer’s best-selling first autobiography, First Into Action.

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The story begins where the first book ended, with him leaving the Special Boat Service after many adventures, to embark on what turned out to be a new life filled with many more exciting exploits, more than he had in the SBS, and where he was often, once again, the first into action.

Image of Duncan Falconer with Nane Annan and Kofi Annan
Duncan Falconer with Friends

Within days of leaving the SBS, Falconer was recruited by a company that conducted specialized tasks, many of them filtered down through MoD sources. Tasks included heading alone into the hills of northern Spain to spend many months training Basque police recruits, turning them into an anti-terrorist force to combat the notorious terrorist organization, ETA. Another task, that came from British military intelligence, was as a lone undercover operator on the QE2 during a terrorist threat on a transit from Southampton to New York.

Image of SBS Ident
Special Boat Service By Strength and Guile

I've survived five explosions, two only just, been shot at on numerous occasions, chased by machete wielders, hunted by man and beast, survived drowning once, a faulty parachute opening once, an air-crash, several vehicle crashes, blacked out with anaphylactic shock, walked through a minefield, barely escaped capture by fanatical terrorists when others were caught and executed, and experienced close calls so many times I've forgotten most of them.

Image of Duncan Falconer's hotel room after a direct hit from a Rocket attack on the Al Hamra Hotel, Iraq, November 2005
My hotel room after a direct hit from a Rocket attack on the Al Hamra Hotel, Iraq, November 2005

I took Ted Turner, Kofi Annan and Tony Bourdain into Palestine, shook hands with Yasser Arafat, took Anderson Cooper into the mountains of the Congo in search of a rebel general, a CNN crew into the heart of battle in Liberia, flew to Human Rights Watch in Moscow to help it manage the most dangerous piece of information it has ever possessed, serious enough to threaten the lives of every member of the office.

Image of Duncan Falconer with Yasser Arafat
Ramallah 2002
about the author

Duncan Falconer has spent the last 2 decades operating in the most dangerous places on earth while at the same time writing ten novels, most of them based on real life experiences.

At barely 19, Duncan Falconer was the youngest recruit in modern times to pass the brutal selection to get into the British Special Boat Service.

He spent 3 years with the top secret 14th Military Intelligence SAS Detachment. His exploits are documented in his 1st book, the bestselling ‘First Into Action’.

After almost 12 years in the service he went on to spend the next few decades taking journalists and news crews into the most hostile locations on earth such as Afghanistan and Iraq throughout the recent wars and all over Africa.

Falconer went on to become an accomplished Crisis Manager, advising and managing evacuations and kidnappings in conflict zones around the world.

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