First Into Action 2020 Updated Edition

When I first published my autobiography it was necessary to disguise or omit specific details. When the rights reverted back to me this year I took the opportunity to correct several errors that had been pointed out to me. I changed a few names from aliases to real names with the individual’s permission, or they are now deceased. I added photographs that were omitted from the first publication. I also added a couple of short stories. There are no massive new revelations. I’m saving those for First Into Action Part 2, which I am writing now. 

If you, or if you know anyone, who is about to purchase a copy of my book, FIRST INTO ACTION, please don’t buy it yet!

The updated e-pub version will be available in the USA first. Lume Books are advertising the updated re-boot, but the link they have provided is redirecting incorrectly to the Amazon UK 2010 Sphere edition which is the old version for sale and not the new one. I don’t want anyone to buy this in error!

As soon as each updated version is available - I'll post the details here!

Thanks!  Keep your distance!  Keep clean!  But then you all know the drill by now.


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2 thoughts on “First Into Action 2020 Updated Edition”

    1. Frank. If you have the old version it may not be worth getting this version as I have only updated errors mostly and added a couple of small stories and pictures. I don’t want to sell you something you’ve already got. FIA Part 2 is in the works with all new stories.

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