The Becket Approval - update

All of my fictional books have had a ring of truth about the main story theme or are based on real events. The Becket Approval is very much the same. This time I may be sailing a bit close to the wind, but what the hell. There are two main plot lines to the Becket Approval which are interconnected. Both are somewhat controversial. One of them is based on rumours that abounded many years ago about a revenge or vigilante organisation that existed within British Special Forces, primarily within the SAS. It was born out of the failure by the UK judicial system to punish many of those responsible for killings or acts of terrorism because there wasn't enough evidence. This could've been a handful of disgruntled individuals or perhaps something more. I first came across it many years ago on a job when I was attached to the SAS. I first thought I was going on a target recce but in fact I was taking part in a very private and unofficial retribution. I can't say anything more on the subject because of the obvious historical allegations cases flying around. I stress that on that occasion nothing of a terminal nature happened due to an administrative glitch - a weapon plant was mislaid. But considering the heinous crimes of the proposed victim and the fact that he was also given a positive interview that was aired by a UK TV station who gave credibility to his claim of British Military Intelligence and Special Forces injustices, I was 100% in favour of the execution (note the obvious hypocrisy on my part). Some years later, while I was working in Kabul, an incident occurred, an execution of a known bad guy, that was carried out in such a manner it suggested the perpetrator had UK Special Forces skills and equipment. It was most intriguing. Once again I can't elaborate for obvious reasons. But all I could wonder was that years later, was it still going on? The Becket Approval explores a deeper, darker purpose behind such an organisation. "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest."

I'll explain the other plot later.