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Welcome to my site

I’m Duncan Falconer. My autobiography, First into Action, a memoir of my days in the Special Boat Services, was the first one written from inside the unit. I never felt as if I was being disloyal by writing it because I didn't reveal any secrets or betray any identities and none of the stories were younger than 19 years old by the time the book was published.

It was an exciting life being a member of the SBS and also working with the SAS and Military Intelligence and units such as the US Navy Seals. The adventures didn't stop when I left the service. After a short spell as a civilian risk advisor I went to Hollywood and made a living as a screenwriter for 13 years. Craving adventure once more, after 9/11 I returned to the civilian security circuit and spent over a decade taking various News Networks to the world's most dangerous conflict zones, places such as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and many parts of Africa.

After my autobiography I penned a series of fiction books based on my adventures and the characters I had encountered. I still visit the occasional hostile environment but mostly as an armchair advisor. I have a bag full of adventures to write about and a great supply of interesting characters to populate them with, enough to fill several books, films and TV series. And quite possibly one day I'll write an updated autobiography of life on the adventure circuit.

Duncan Falconer
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